Jazz Mandolin Project / Big Metal Rooster


RESCHEDULED from Friday at the Granada to tonight at The Bottleneck. Forget everything you know about the mandolin as a bluegrass instrument the Jazz Mandolin project probably has Bill Monroe turning in his grave. This adventurous instrumental trio composed of Jamie Masefield (mandolin), Danton Boller (upright bass) and Ari Hoenig (drums) draws on post-bop, avant-garde jazz and fusion as well as progressive rock and world music to give a new context to an old instrument.

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lorieritschel 16 years ago

I'm very confused as to why I have been planning to see the Jazz Mandolin Project at the Granada all week per your website. The reason I am confused is because they are playing on the 13th at the Bottleneck. Hmmmm....I hope all those people I told to meet me out aren't as disappointed as I am. Booooo, lawrence.com.

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