jan 8

Second Saturdays @ the Taproom

Eighth Street Tap Room

Second Saturdays is the beginning of a new era of night life at the Eighth Street Taproom, in Lawrence and beyond. It is a celebration of the little oasis in which we live and a call to action for its residents. It is also a balance to the limp-wristed gingerbread cuteness of downtown Lawrence. The extremely G-rated Massachusetts Street businesses need to be balanced with something more explicit and shocking. Second Saturdays at the Eighth Street Taproom encourages a "Don't ask, don't tell" policy. We also encourage shape shifting, metamorphosis, and as many outfit changes as necessary throughout the night. Feel free to bring aqua gear for our 'underwater' transactions. Ladies should seriously consider wearing sparkling gold pirate eye patches with gold bikini tops and overalls with one strap down. A cluster of fanny-packs filled with gummy worms and mardi gras beads, vampire teeth and dorsal fins should also be considered as accessories.This Saturday will feature special first time standup comedy routines from local legends:Suzie Shrooms, Hanz Von Bronze, Jeffy Jeff Pharaoh, Dusty Bottoms, Chad Swafford and MC Fart Noise. DJ Hasselhoff, Bone Delouise, and McGee With an H will try their best to help inspire a dance party at the end of the night.LADIES ARE FREE.


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