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Ever heard of Jaylib? Quasimoto? Madvillian? Madlib? Dudley Perkins? Breakestra? Lootpack? Well Peanut Butter Wolf is the man behind all of these projects. He is the founder and owner of Stones Throw Records...Peanut Butter Wolf's taste is so respected in underground hip-hop that all he has to do is throw his name on a mix tape and the thing sells like hotcakes (ex: last year's "Badmeaninggood"). Whether he'll show up with a crate of dope records or a handful of MCs remains to be seen; either way, you can be sure he'll bring the funk. PBW will be spinning a 2-hour set. Be sure to arrive early for local hip-hop favorites SoundsGood..downplay WILL BE GIVING OUT FREE COPIES OF THE BRAND NEW MIX CD BY PEANUT BUTTER WOLF AND JAZZY JEFF, BROUGHT TO YOU BY SCION.Originally posted in error as a $10 show.

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Kick It SoundsGood Add to playlist
Money SoundsGood Add to playlist
Peter Pan SoundsGood Add to playlist
Self-Portrait SoundsGood Add to playlist


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