Tech N9ne

with Big Krizz Kaliko / Kutt Calhoun / De Loc & Dalima / Dream Team / Docuh / The Popper


When Lawrence/KC hip-hop gets a spot on the national map, Tech N9ne will no doubt be hailed as the 'originator.' And damn if he doesn't deserve it. Tech has powered his way through a decade of hardships and haters, back-stabbing and broken contracts to get bigger and badder every year. His lyrical talent has earned him props from Tupac, Eminem, and many more. Dark tales of street life and Tech's struggle to the top have culminated on his upcoming album Everready: The Religion.

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MsFeFe 15 years, 11 months ago

DJT...I can not agree with you more...that nigga is hot...Tech...get at me...I want to do a song with you...

DJT 16 years, 1 month ago

I think Tech N9ne is the most under rated rapper in the game. I've listened to tech for years And personally I don't understand why he isn't in the hall of game. There is no reason that a cat with that much talent, energy, and charisma don't deserve to making bank roll like soft ass Nelly from the Lou. Tech's shit has been inspiring me for a long time and it sucks that he don't get the props he deserves. I know Pac, Em and hella other rappers think he's the shit but for real whoever busts the big, BIG record deal for him won't be dissapointed. They need to hurry up and do that shit. It's long overdue.

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