jul 6

Superargo / Temper! Temper! / Civella / Pixel Panda


It would be enough if Adam Jeffers (aka Superargo) simply went onstage and pressed "play." The Lawrence-based laptop genie composes cuts that are so intricate, so dense and so satisfying that he could phone it in on any giving night and he'd still be a shoo-in for the new posterboy position in the Aphex Twin camp. Yet there's so much more to a Superargo show: projections of locally filmed skits, Jeffers' patented "flailing jerk" dance and (of course) his endearing dance companion Skullface. Openers Temper! Temper! (we can put exclamation points wherever we want too!) deliver electroclash-inspired dance rock in the vein of The Faint, while locals Civella serve up screamo a la Thursday.

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