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Les Claypool / Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey


Primus may be on the down low, but Les Claypool still has plenty of avenues to express his inner bass-slappin' weirdo. From Oysterhead to Sausage to The Frog Brigade to The Holy Mackeral, the only variable is the rotating casts of characters that joined the cartoon-voiced master of ceremonies. Claypool's latest band includes percussionist Mike Dillon of Hairy Apes BMX and Gabby La La, an eccentric sitar-and-ukelele-strumming lady. Openers Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey bring a refreshingly rooted jazz foundation to the jam circuit. The Tulsa, Ok.-based trio has collaborated with artists as diverse as Claypool and Charlie Hunter and now records for the distinguished Knitting Factory record label.


fourthaye 15 years, 7 months ago

JFJO no longer records for Knitting Factory. They put a couple of live releases out on Kufala records after being with the knit, and now reside with Hyena Records, whom released their newest album Walking With Giants (which includes a free dvd of a live performance). They are also currently working on mastering a new album produced by the famed Joel Dorn! (Keith Jarret, Rashand Roland Kirk....)

jeromefaulkley 15 years, 7 months ago

hopefully les is dressed to kill, like he is in this cool frog brigade photo.

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