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Les Claypool / Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey


Primus may be on the down low, but Les Claypool still has plenty of avenues to express his inner bass-slappin' weirdo. From Oysterhead to Sausage to The Frog Brigade to The Holy Mackeral, the only variable is the rotating casts of characters that joined the cartoon-voiced master of ceremonies. Claypool's latest band includes percussionist Mike Dillon of Hairy Apes BMX and Gabby La La, an eccentric sitar-and-ukelele-strumming lady. Openers Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey bring a refreshingly rooted jazz foundation to the jam circuit. The Tulsa, Ok.-based trio has collaborated with artists as diverse as Claypool and Charlie Hunter and now records for the distinguished Knitting Factory record label.


fourthaye 14 years, 12 months ago

JFJO no longer records for Knitting Factory. They put a couple of live releases out on Kufala records after being with the knit, and now reside with Hyena Records, whom released their newest album Walking With Giants (which includes a free dvd of a live performance). They are also currently working on mastering a new album produced by the famed Joel Dorn! (Keith Jarret, Rashand Roland Kirk....)

jeromefaulkley 14 years, 12 months ago

hopefully les is dressed to kill, like he is in this cool frog brigade photo.

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