Bastille Day at the Pig

Food, fun and Frenchiness.

Bourgeois Pig

Salutation: Wassoupe, chiggers? In which cracks are you now inhabiting? Yes, AGAIN, it is the time of CHIGGER, w ich are this tiny beast who make the pinching, but NOT for the tantalizement, like the Frenchmans. This PINCHINGS of chiggers is only for enraging, not engorging, this grand serpent of my basket. I am for this days, as is saying the Orbison, ONLY THE LOTION. And for me this is not so good, for I have this personal specialties for driving so many of your groins insane.Warning: For this invitation which is coming, the chigger is FORBID. Invitation: (Be sure no chiggers are looking) On the BASTILLE DAY, go to this BOURGEOIS PIG. Put this quiche in the mouth. Drink of the wine AND soon become attractive. Make the HOOPLA. It is the most FRENCH one can be in KANSAS. And if there you are pinching some peoples, cause only the ENGORGEMENT - do not enrage. Do not be the chigger. Baisez-vous mon cu, s'il vous plait(Please, drive with carefully)RPsst: I am the ONLY Reynaud you can ever need. If I have a house, I can prove it. Even this head-butt of the great ZINEDINE has for want of the goal du Reynaud.DETAILSFood: by Kendra Herring at 5 pmDrinks: Specials on Red Wine; Featured Cocktails: Le Parisien & Le French 75Ambience: French


tomking 17 years, 4 months ago

David Ryan IS Reynaud! Our longtime suspicions are confirmed! See the story in today's NYTimes.

erica 17 years, 4 months ago

i heart david ryan

and the charming frenchie man.

he is where?

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