Chemical Ali / Darling At Sea / Say Hi To Your Mom

Jackpot Music Hall

Lawrence six-piece Chemical Ali takes full advantage of all its members, with everyone contributing to the writing process. They yield guitar-driven Brit pop (more Stone Roses than Blur) with electronic flourishes a la Radiohead. Tonight is guitarist Mark Gordy's last show before moving to China.

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Emily Hadley 17 years ago

Say Hi to Your Mom is a boy named Eric that writes and plays his wonderful, down-tempo songs -- some are catchy enough to be downright poppy, some just tug on my heartstrings. His recordings and live show are both unique, but if you've missed him before, here, in NYC, or at SxSW, be sure to catch his set tonight; he's always so nice to see live, and this lineup looks to be seamlessly smooth.

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