Jonathan Byrd

Gaslight Gardens

Jonathan Byrd, 2003 New Folk Winner at the prestigious Kerrville Folk Festival, has a knack for flatpicking fiddle tunes and writing songs about today's world using a traditional ballad style. After Byrd released his debut CD, "Wildflowers," Folk legend Tom Paxton discovered Byrd's music online and sent Byrd an email saying "What a treat to hear someone so deeply rooted in tradition, yet growing in his own beautiful way." His follow-up CD, "The Waitress," featured slice-of-life story songs with unusual twists and became one of the most played albums that year on folk radio shows across the country. More recently, Byrd has collaborated with the acclaimed world-fusion music duo, Dromedary, for The Sea and the Sky, amusical suite telling the stories of the journeys from the Old World to the New World.For more information on Jonathan Byrd, go


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