"Something Similar to Happenstance"

Closing Reception

Olive Gallery and Art Supply

Every month the Olive Gallery provides its loyal supporters, the community of Lawrence, and first timers with exciting exhibitions and other great art events. This June we are honoring our fan base by inviting anyone and everyone to participate in a collaborative art installation. We want to show how art can support and unify our community.The concept of this project is to document how happenstance will influence not only the outcome of a simple set of instructions, but the steps in between. Beginning June 1st, we will start accepting and installing the provided postcards entries. These postcards provide guidelines for making a drawing. Each day we will photograph the space, and document each participant. That recorded process will be displayed in conjunction with the installed drawings, thus becoming a part of the project. As the days progress, so will the installation. Chance will dictate the visual growth of a community coming together.We are encouraging everyone to get involved. The purpose is to provide a space that allows for our audience to see that they can produce something that is meaningful. NO DRAWING SKILLS ARE NEEDED. To obtain postcards stop by the Olive Gallery at 15 East 8th Street, Downtown Lawrence, call 785-331-4114, or sign up on our mailing list.On Saturday June 25th, we will have a Closing Reception to celebrate the completed installation. All participants are encouraged to come out and support one another.The postcards read:"Dear Olive supporter,YOU are invited to participate in this collaborative art event. Follow along with the instructions provided on the reverse side of this card to be included-free of charge! Don't forget to drop off, or mail in, this completed postcard anytime before June 25th. Entries will be hung in the gallery upon arrival. Please stop in as often as you like to see the transformation of the installation. Your participation is integral to the success of this project! Join us to celebrate the conclusion of this month-long event on the evening of June 25th."INSTRUCTIONS:1. use only the space provided to the right of the dotted line2. use only pen, pencil, or a combination of both (color is okay)3. draw 2 circles-any way you like4. draw 24 squares-use your imagination5. bring in, or mail in, your completed work to the Olive Gallery, before Saturday June 25th, 2005"June 4-June 25thClosing Reception: Saturday, June 25th 6-10 p.m.


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