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Dead Girls Ruin Everything / Aubrey / Andrew Connor

Replay Lounge

Dead Girls Ruin Everything pairs the former rhythm section of Ultimate Fakebook (Eric Melin and Nick Colby) with former Podstar frontmen Cameron Hawk and JoJo Longbottom. The band plays power rock of the topmost variety, with hooks aplenty and sweat a-flyin'. Aubrey and Andrew Connor are late additions to the bill following the cancellation of Blackpool Lights.

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Song Artist
Gentleman Conditioned Andrew Connor Add to playlist
Don't Hold Your Breath Aubrey Add to playlist
Machine Gun Honey Aubrey Add to playlist
Rayon Aubrey Add to playlist
Those Who Can't Wait Aubrey Add to playlist
Turbulence Aubrey Add to playlist
Hair Trigger Dead Girls Add to playlist
Keep Your Own Score Dead Girls Add to playlist
Never Too Late Dead Girls Add to playlist
Te Quiero Dead Girls Add to playlist
What a Perfect Ending Dead Girls Add to playlist


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