may 5

Miss Kittin

at Neon


Often pigeonholed as an electroclash artist on the basis of her collaborations with the Hacker (which yielded the goofy underground hit "Frank Sinatra"), French artist Miss Kittin is actually a veteran club DJ who came of age in the European rave scene. Her deadpan vocals have livened up tracks by the likes of Felix da Housecat and Golden Boy, but her most recent album "Radio Caroline" found her back behind the decks. This date at The Granada is one of only five US tour dates for Kittin (respek!), who describes her DJ style as "minimal, deep, to kicking techno, mixed with funny or leftfield tunes, classics, and electro."


spoozy 15 years, 9 months ago

To all of you that went to see this show I hope you had a nice time acting like total fools. I came from Nebraska to see miss kittin spin that night and from the looks of it she was not impressed what so ever with Lawrence. right when she got on stage some frat boy was all in her face trying to take photos of her. jumping on the stage getting all up in her shit. some other dumb ass ran into her turntables and made the record stop. and when it cut out everyone was clapping and cheering like she meant to do it . oh and the last thing. the fat hippie bitch that was hoisted on top of some assholes shoulders and then her fat ass fell INTO the turntables. I hope you have a great time being the laughing stock of the whole city I hope you know I am telling everyone and their mothers about you. if I was you I would be in hiding for at least 2 years. oh and you dumb asses with glow sticks really need to go back to 1997. By the end of her set I could see her having a total breakdown behind the tables she hated playing there. How totally rude of you people. Miss kittin played some wicked tracks. she is the best dj I have ever seen. spinning italio disco favs. electro,rock,club hits,break beats and mash ups. everything I totally love. I can't see her playing anytime in the Midwest anytime soon because of all you assholes. and I think your city sucks and all you people are so rude thanks. To Miss Kittin I am SO SO SO SORRY! xoxox m.

tribalzendancer 15 years, 10 months ago

wow, this is going to be awesome. her performance in Barcelona, Spain turned out to be one of the biggest highlights of my experience when I was there last summer. Sweet. I also hear word of a pretty kick'n after-party going on afterwards.

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