Heart of Glass: Neon Spring Prom


The '80s dance craze cannot be contained... nor can your nostaligic affinity for the prom. Whisk yourself back to those bygone nubile days, dress up in your formal best and get yer lady a corsage! As always, Neon's diverse patronage keeps on growing thanks to DJs Cruz and Konsept, who mix the coolest of the '80s and early '90s with R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop, Hair Rock, Electro and Electro-Clash. BONUS FEATURES: - Same amazing drink special (_$0.75 Draws, $2.50 Dbl.Wells)- More room to dance-GIGANTOR Video Screen-Our own friendly staff-Tons of giveaways and a few surprises! -Prom decor!Prices for this special Neon are as follows:$5 21 and up, $7 18 to 20.Stay tuned for "HEART OF GLASS: The NEON Spring Prom" on Thursday May 12th


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