Bulldog B-Boy Battle featuring SoundsGood


One of the Midwest's premier b-boy battles was homegrown in Lawrence just a few years ago. It's already grown beyond capacity crowds to feature the best breakdancers around, including one of tonight's judges, Alien Ness. The icing on the cake this year is Lawrence hip-hop duo SoundsGood, who are releasing their second full-length "Biscuits & Gravy."Preview the show with Miles Bonny's n8soundcast #3 with Lawrence's Buggin Out Crew.Breakdancing workshops from 6-9pm. Battle starts around 10:00.KU's Unity Dance Troupe performs at 11:30.SoundsGood CD release show starts at midnight.From the promoter...
*Guest Judges- ALIEN NESS from the Rock Steady Crew, Zulu Kings and Essential Rockers and OMAR from the Jive Turkeys*What Kind of Battles- 1 on 1, Crew on Crew and a popping/locking exhibition.*Prizes- Over $2000 in cash being given to the winning crews*Will there be workshops?- There will be dance workshops from 6pm til 8:30 pm. The workshops will be hosted by ALIEN NESS, OMAR and THE BUGGIN OUT CREW*How do you enter the battles? Email Edwin at projectgroove@hotmail.com*Will there be vending?- Focus from Colorado Springs will be providing vending by Soul Mechaniks, featuring the following... Gear by: Tribal, Wild Style, Scifen, The Ginny Project, Fhu Man Chu, Franco Shade. Also, an array of BBoy DVD's, BBoy Beats/Mix Tapes and Graf Mags*Who's Djing?- DJ Carbon, Kid Nouveau, JOC MAX*Any performers?- THE FEATURED ACT FOR THIS NIGHT WILL BE SOUNDSGOOD. IN FACT, THIS NIGHT WILL DOUBLE AS THE SOUNDSGOOD CD RELEASE PARTY FOR THEIR NEW ALBUM, 'BISCUITS AND GRAVY'. THEY WILL BE PERFORMING LIVE WITH KC LEGEND, JOC MAX. A little info on Luis "Alien Ness" Martinez, one of the nationally renown judges of the Bulldog Battle."If you ain't doing what Alien Ness is doing, you ain't doing nothing."Wyclef Jean, FugeesLuis Martinez, AKA "Alien Ness," is a b-boy who has earned widespread praise from today's up-and-coming b-boys on an international level, all the while maintaining a funky old school style and staying true to the essence of hip-hop. Known for many years as "Kid Ness," a nickname passed down to him by "Mr. Ness" of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five back in 1982. That was when he first started rockin' the dance floor with his fancy footwork and complex aerial moves, most notably, his unearthly elbow spins. Almost immediately, his skills attracted the attention of Dance System 10. He began touring with them; doing shows in Japan, Aruba and for Carnival Cruise Lines."The brother definitely proved to be out of this world."Popmaster Fabel, Rock Steady CrewUnder the guidance of the late Scott La Rock and KRS One, Alien Ness was an original member of Boogie Down Productions. Shortly thereafter, in 1985, he was recruited as a member of the world-renowned New York City Breakers. As the years passed on, the name "Kid Ness" faded away, and he was renamed "Alien Ness" by Afrika Bambaatta, the Godfather of hip-hop."Alien Ness is one of the illest b-boys out there."Grand Wizard Theodore, Creator of the "Scratch"Alien Ness is a multimedia performer with numerous credits. He appeared in the movies "The Last Dragon" and "Krush Groove," working alongside Run-DMC, Kurtis Blow, Fat Boys and Sheila E. Performing in concerts over the last two decades, Alien Ness has rocked with LL Cool J, Salt 'n Pepa and Kool DJ Red Alert."Alien represents real hip-hop and I am proud to know him. I hope he succeeds in every way."Kurtis BlowInspired to give something back to his community, Ness has taught dance at community centers throughout New York, notably The Point C.D.C. in the South Bronx where he continues to teach, and Henry Street Settlement on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. He has also taught teens in an after school program in NYC schools in Queens. He has participated in charitable shows for the Cancer Society and the Wyclef Foundation in Miami Fl. As well as in NYC's carnegie hall, and headlined three showcase benefits for the Blackout Children's Fund, both as dancer and rapper. His insight and experience in the culture of hip-hop earned him invitations to lecture at Yale, Rutgers, New York University, San Francisco State University, Sacramento State University, Seattle's "Experience Music Project", and on BET Teen Summit."The quintessential b-boy:it's in his soul."Grandmaster Caz, Cold Crush BrothersBringing his skills to the stage, Alien Ness headlined at the Hip-Hop 3000 tour in Bologna, Italy, co-choreographed and co-starred in the theatrical dance fusion, The Art of Weightlessness which played in Philadelphia, New York City and Paris, France. Most recently, he played himself as an old school b-boy in "Echo Park": The Hip-Hop Musical, which played at the legendary Apollo theater in Harlem, New York. Alien Ness' superb expertise and honed craft has led him to also choreograph the half time show for the WNBA's Phoenix Mercury Hip-Hop Squad and also participates as an instructor for a yearly Phoenix dance camp which includes one week of intense training and choreography...check below for info on dance camp."He's numero uno:The original:b-boy killer."Afrika Bambaattaa, Godfather of hip-hopRecently, Alien Ness was recruited as a member of the internationally known Rock Steady Crew. He was also a special guest when the rock & Roll Hall of Fame recently honored Rock Steady and the New York City Breakers, as well as performing when the exhibition opened at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. Currently, he can be seen as a featured dancer in the Tony Touch music video, "I Wonder Why (He's The Greatest DJ)." In addition, he co-stars in the most recent MTV-X commercial and has performed with the Rock Steady Crew at Summer Stage in Central Park. Look for Alien Ness in the up coming feature film "Bomb The System" as well as the indipendent film "PROMISE" Ness already has 2 rap records out in japan with Afrika Bambaataa for S.E.N.S. RECORDS, and will have guest appearances on Afrika Bambaataa's new album "EVERYDAY PEOPLE", and the the new dance album for TOMMYBOY RECORDS called "DARK MATTER MOVING AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT" to be released this summer. Look out for the solo CD entitled "ROCKING ON YOUR RADIO."Rounding off his talents, the literary Alien Ness is completing his autobiography, "Love for Linoleum," taking the reader of a journey through the mind of a true school b-boy. In short, Alien Ness can be summed up in just a few words:"He came to break!"Crazy LegsRock Steady Crew

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