Second Saturdays dance party extravaganza

featuring DJs Hasselhoff, Arcadia and Professor Snodgrass

Eighth Street Tap Room

From the organizers:"oh shit!!...same team, same team, same team!" ...And even now as I approach, a distance is kept. How could you ever misinterpret slippery when wet?Ass-over-easy. Front end first. Pauses. More pauses... intermission... suspense... nose-dive... an evening gown is stained beyond recognition (but not really), a tennis bracelet and a special-edition George-Double-You-Bush 2000 dollar bill hovers slightly beyond reach of the crowd. The crowd does not realize that this is the show and that they are the stars until curtains open and Bret Saberhagen (shirtless, with a Royals jersey folded neatly over his arm... he is in perfect exit stance) explains the happening. Everyone listens intently to every syllable. Upon realizing their achievements, the crowd gives themselves a royal round of applause with 3 encores (almost a fourth but a large argument broke out in the nose-bleed seats about taxation without representation)...-Hasselhoffp.s. All questions and smutty Polaroids should be directed to


Priest Fontaine 15 years, 1 month ago

... HEY! Special Update for Second Satudays: Rubens, Case, Rubens, Cambiano, and Bryant have surreptitiously become Rubens, Case, Hager, Cambiano, and Bryant:!

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