nov 5

Archetype / Blackout Gorgeous / namelessnumberheadman

DOUBLE CD release party


Local producer Nezbeat is the common thread of this double CD release party, which includes his hip-hop group Archetype and his rock/fusion band Blackout Gorgeous. Archetype pairs Nez with instrospective lyricist ID (Isaac Diehl) to create a soulful and adventurous sound that incorporates a multitude of indie and mainstream hip-hop styles. Blackout Gorgeous brings a full-band attack punctuated by the deft programming of Nezbeat and the ethereal vocals of Erin Keller. Fans of Portishead and/or Blonde Redhead would do well to check out the group, which will also accompany Archetype for a selection of live hip-hop tracks.

You might have heard

Song Artist
Adru the Misphit Archetype Add to playlist
I Got Mine Archetype Add to playlist
Think of Me Archetype Add to playlist
Prism Blackout Gorgeous Add to playlist
Soundtrack Blackout Gorgeous Add to playlist
Every Fiber namelessnumberheadman Add to playlist
Going To Breathe Again namelessnumberheadman Add to playlist
The Beginning namelessnumberheadman Add to playlist
Ambulance Rmx Nezbeat Add to playlist
Anywhere Nezbeat Add to playlist
Clear Water Revival Nezbeat Add to playlist
Fade Away to Silence Nezbeat Add to playlist
I'd Like To Believe You Nezbeat Add to playlist
The Women of Scribble Jam Nezbeat Add to playlist