with Blueprint / P.O.S. / DJ Rare Groove


Loudmouth rapper Slug is the prolific face of the the Minneapolis collective Atmosphere, which has released five albums and amassed a dedicated Scribble Jam-happy under the umbrella of Rhymesayers Entertainment. Dubbed the king of "emo rap" by SPIN magazine, Slug is in fact a well-schooled MC with freestyle skills to boot. He and his crew are backed by the production wizardry of Anthony Davis (aka Ant), who seamlessly fuses elements of rock music and classic hip-hop. Be sure to arrive early for rising stars Blueprint and P.O.S.


rbaum 15 years, 3 months ago

almost three months since being posted, i'm disappointed you folks at have not the interest (or is it knowledge) to include a proper description of one of the best hip-hop shows to come through lawrence this year. atmosphere, a pillar of the midwest hip hop scene, and blueprint, a mc who can hold his own with any mc, surely deserve at least 2-3 sentences of an introduction. this event should also be placed in the hip-hop category, if there is one.

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