oct 6

Minus Story / namelessnumberheadman / Andrew Connor

Move the Music Benefit


With rising gas prices setting off mass panic for touring bands, scene supporter Brandon Simmons came up with a nifty idea: start a charity. Move the Music hosts its first Lawrence fundraiser tonight at The Bottleneck with three of the bands it hopes to subsidize: Minus Story, Ghosty (lead singer Andrew Connor will perform solo) and namelessnumberheadman. The show will also double as a record release party for Minus Story's "No Rest for Ghosts," a fine new full-length that explores a slower side of the band's transcendent indie-folk palette.

You might have heard

Song Artist
Gentleman Conditioned Andrew Connor Add to playlist
Joyless, Joyless Minus Story Add to playlist
Knocking on Your Head Minus Story Add to playlist
Little Wet Head Minus Story Add to playlist
Open Your Eyes Minus Story Add to playlist
Stitch Me Up Minus Story Add to playlist
Time Wastes Itself Minus Story Add to playlist
Every Fiber namelessnumberheadman Add to playlist
Going To Breathe Again namelessnumberheadman Add to playlist
The Beginning namelessnumberheadman Add to playlist


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