sep 3

"Pretty Dirty": New works by Nathan Rightmeier"

Opening reception

Olive Gallery and Art Supply

Nathan Rightmeier was born in '78. He loves art - painting, drawing, illustration, and a variety of other things that get him "dirty". Nate drew crappy pictures of E.T. when he was like 3 or something. He graduated from the University of Kansas with a degree in design and a major in illustration. Nate has exhibited work at a few galleries, some local and some national. He has done illustration work for numerous papers and zines across the country. He also has a monthly cartoon in The Lawrencian. Nate also works on his own small business which involves selling his artwork on merchandise such as t-shirts, patches, stickers, and numerous other little knickknacks. ARTIST'S STATEMENT:"If I really had to describe my work, I suppose I would saythat a vast majority of it looks as though it recently got pulled out ofa dumpster and thrown down to soak up the filth of a back alley. Ireally like the way imperfections can be beautiful. Have you ever triedto make an imperfection beautiful? It's not at all easy. We all havethem, and all too often they get hidden or swept under the rug when infact they are probably the best or most unique thing about us. When Ipaint, I try to make a picture that looks spontaneously imperfect andyet it may take me days or weeks to obtain that spontaneous look; gofigure. I take a blank (perfect) canvas and try to make it lookimperfectly pleasing to the eye."


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