Mates of State / Danny Pound Band / Doris Henson


Mates of State rocks with two-part pop that landed their White Stripes-style line-up a record deal back before Jack and Meg were all that. The energy and harmony between the Mates are best experienced live, where ex-Lawrence husband and wife are truly a couple.With nearly 10 years experience in the local music scene, Danny Pound is the kind of songwriter that we should feel lucky to call our own. Since splitting with indie outfit Vitreous Humor, Pound has been reincarnated as the ghost of Gram Parsons - a bar-burning troubadour with a country love affair and a rock and roll heart. Equally entertaining as a solo performer and with The Danny Pound Band, Pound splits his time between melancholy originals and would-be-hits lost in the backroads of the Nashville machine.Doris Henson unites former members of Kansas City math-rock experimentalists Giants Chair (bassist Byron Collum) and Lawrence's Proudentall (singer/guitarist Matt Dunehoo). The band's unforgettable choruses, hummable hooks and horn lines, and generally off-kilter brand of rock recently landed it the opening slot for ex-Smashing Pumpkin Billy Corgan.

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barbfoldsfive 17 years, 6 months ago

I will be there with bells on, because it will be my birthday that day! Yesss! Don't forget to buy me a drink.

olmsted78 17 years, 6 months ago

Do the white stripes have to be brought up every time a male/female duo comes to town? These bands must love hearing that everywhere they go.... I guess Donnie and Marie were really groundbreaking after all. The fact is, two people of the opposite sex can make music together and they don't have to be white or striped.

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