dec 2

Opening: Paper Magic Fantasy World

Works on paper by Glen Mies, Pat Egger and George de Moura

Olive Gallery and Art Supply

From the organizers: This December, the walls of The Olive Gallery will be bursting with literally hundreds of drawings and prints by three of Lawrence's most prolific young artists: Glen Mies, Pat Egger and George de Moura. Each artist has individually brought his own imaginary characters and creatures to life on paper in bold, graphic style. These creatures will now be "meeting for the first time" in the gallery, transforming The Olive into a "Paper Magic Fantasy World." With inspirations as wide ranging as comic books, early 90's MTV, graffiti, Philip Guston, rap music, Romare Bearden, marijuana, wallpaper, Robert Crumb, beer, H.C. Westermann, dogs, Marcel Dzama, elderly folks, cats, David Hockney, whiskey, sexual intercourse, Chris Ware, Jason, transvestites, David Bowie, and white '91 Cadillac Fleetwoods, there will surely be something that will appeal to all tastes and incomes.


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