MAW / Outhouse Splinter Boys / That Damned Sasquatch

Gaslight Gardens

MAW are a band of Lawrence women who like to make old-timey noise, so they decided to make noise together. They are all married to men who make noise, but are not trying to be like some kind of twangy version of Billy Childish or Holly Golightly (but if you want to make those comparisons, who's stopping you?). The rumors that the band is called MAW because all of the women in the band have kids is just a big fat lie. The rumor that the band is called MAW because they wanted to spoof PAW might be true. The rumor that MAW stands for Morphine And Whisky might also be true. Wikipedia says "The word 'maw,' an old word derived from the Anglo-Saxon 'maga' to mean 'stomach,' but now often assumed to mean 'big mouth.'" It also says it refers to "Masters At Work" (another band), or stands for "Model, Actress, Whatever."

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