Slider / Perversion of Silence

Gaslight Gardens

From the band: Slider is a band from Lawrence, KS. Featuring a four-man front, the band weaves its youthful energy into combining traditionally softer modes with a new lace of heavy metal and rock. While the sound is definitely heterogenous, the band is uncompromising in the alternating fun and brutality you hear when Slider blasts its way out of your stereo.Slider came together when Mun Lai Chong and Jordan McKinney met at their mutual workplace in Lawrence. After Chong met Alex on the KU campus, the original 3-man front was born that formed the nucleus of rock that is beginning to explode across eastern Kansas and Missouri. Following the release of their first self-produced studio album, "Slider No. 1: None Given", the band began a home tour to get the word out with stops in Topeka and Lawrence, as well as performances still to come in Lawrence and Missouri. With the addition of Scot Pruyn on bass as well as Alex's move toward his forte as a guitar player, Slider has put the finishing touches on a young and dangerously powerful sound.Slider will continue to change the face of rock from Lawrence, Kansas to the rest of the known


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