The Ants

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A two set special with The Ants. From the band: We've dubbed it with this lovely moniker: "2006 Year End Immoderation Riot and Orgy." Rolls right off the tongue, doesn't it? There will be guests from around the local music world sitting in with us throughout the night. The guests with their respective projects in parentheses:Jason Beers (Wylde Chipmunk & the Cuddly Poos)Cody Bennett (Satan's Jeweled Crown)DJ Clem (Wood Roses, Mr Marcos V7)Craig Comstock (This is my Condition, Blue Leaves)Ryan Johnson (Floyd the Barber, Dirty Bird Band)Tom Johnson, Dan Pem & Chris Leopold (most recently The Yards horn section)Jeff Kologe (The Sperm)Gabe Lloyd (former Ant)Eric Mardis (Split Lip Rayfield)David Moore (The Hearers)Sue Phillips (former Ant)Jeff Stolz (Drakkar of Drakkar Sauna)

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