feb 4

"Everyday Ingredients: Mixed Media Assemblages by Betsy Timmer"

Opening night

Olive Gallery and Art Supply

The Olive will display Betsy Timmer's mixed media assemblages throughout the month of February in the downstairs gallery. Each of her pieces is small and quaint. Some of her materials include kitchen utensils, eggs, seeds, doilies, and patterns arranged in small boxes or frames. She creates a new identity for each object manipulating it into a new context. View these intimate works and meet the artist at the Opening Reception on Saturday, February 4th from 6-10 p.m. The artwork by ten-year-old Raven Oceana Harris-Keim will be featured in the Kid's Corner. The Olive's hours of operation are 11a.m.-6p.m. daily.Artist's Statement: Betsy Timmer"Mixed media provides me with tactile fulfillment that traditional techniques do not. I can incorporate items of interest directly, without having to first translate them into paintings or drawings. I use glue, paint, and thread. I saw, cut, and sew. I manipulate the things around me to create something new."Everyday Ingredients" is made up of kitchen utensils, eggs, seeds, doilies, patterns, and other objects to which I am drawn. These items attract me for many reasons; some fully understood and some unclear. Each piece is layered with hints of personal meaning and fragments of story. I am concerned with ideas of potential, direction, waiting, and individual roles. My goal, however, is not to! make work limited to or restricted by these concerns. I want to create work that speaks to others and leaves plenty of space for application of their individual experiences and stories. Each viewer might walk away with a discovery, a realization, or an idea that has never occurred to me."


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