Second Saturdays at the Taproom

$ECOND $ATURDAY$ Presents: The Chronicles of the Brokeback Olympics

Eighth Street Tap Room

This night promises to put the twinkle back in your eye, the spring in your step and, most of all, the krunk in your trunk. The following is just a few of the events featured throughout the night:-New Year Countdown: Part II. If you missed the recent New Year's Eve countdown or were dissatisfied with the night, then have no worries. We will recreate the countdown as if actors on a stage. At the big stroke of midnight: tag, everyone is 'it'!! -A pole dance competition. Score is based on five categories: Gracefulness, Originality, Difficulty, Crowd Response and Heart.-Speed Dating. As an experiment, the large closet by the stage will be made into a "romantic isolation chamber" for couples to meet and interview one another. Time is limited to five minutes, so make it quick.-Massage Therapy. Professional massage therapist, Curtis "Candlepants" McCoy, will provide free demonstrations of Aveda's finest massage therapy lotions/oils provided by Headmasters Aveda Concept Salon.-Midnight guitar soloing from special guest Brodie Rush (Be/Non)-DJs Hasselhoff, Arcadia and Steve Balbone.-Prizes provided by Headmasters.-Just in case anything gets out of hand, plainclothed lifeguards will be on duty for the duration of the night.

You might have heard

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Currant and the Rind Be/Non Add to playlist
Space Babe 1 Be/Non Add to playlist
Staring Contest With A Psychic Cow Be/Non Add to playlist
Yoko's Alright Be/Non Add to playlist


jeromefaulkley 14 years, 1 month ago

well, who's gonna be there? is zinka a requirement for the "lifeguards"?

Priest Fontaine 14 years, 1 month ago

I guess there will be free bottles of Focus Factor on the low. Could be BrainAlert- I'm not sure...I also keep hearing rumors about diamond dust on the warm-front, and the healthy passing of a so called dusty diamond.

password: Bullet-Proof-Absolutes + Full-Frontal-Living-Proof = keep yer chin up chump.

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