That Damn Sasquatch / Brass n' Grass / Apollo 13 / Philhorn Mellowhaze Band / Barefoot Rebellion / Imminent Domain


Don't come a knockin' if this venue is a Wak-in'. Battlerusa is a band competition to determine who will earn a slot at this year's Wakarusa Music and Camping Festival (June 8-11). Six area acts will vie for the prize, including That Damn Sasquatch, Brass n' Grass, Apollo 13, Philhorn Mellowhaze Band, Barefoot Rebellion and Imminent Domain. Even though Wakarusa is obviously held in Lawrence, the Battlerusa competition is part of a 19-city tour that will send winners from each locale to a two-day face-off in February (also held in Lawrence). The local portion of Battlerusa kicks off at 9 p.m.

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Song Artist
Grandiose Places Apollo 13 Add to playlist
Hero Apollo 13 Add to playlist
Interference Apollo 13 Add to playlist
Lusitania Apollo 13 Add to playlist
The Bomb Apollo 13 Add to playlist


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