Open Cinema Screening

Local Videos and Experimental Films

Olive Gallery and Art Supply

Open Cinema is a new film society that will be screening works by local film and video artists as well as 16mm prints of experimental/underground films from the 30's to the present that aren't available on commercial DVD.Local film/video makers can bring their work in VHS, DVD, VCD, mini-DV, or 16mm film formats to the night of the event. The only stipulation being that it must be under 1/2 an hour and be cued up. We will discuss each project for 5 minutes.We also have three experimental films ordered for this months viewing: "Rubber Cement" by Robert Breer (10 min)"In Between" by Stan Brakhage (10 min)"Easy Out" by Pat O'Neill (9 min) There is no admission charge but donations will be accepted throughout the evening to help cover the cost of renting the projector and films.


jonallen 14 years, 8 months ago

There will also be live experimental music by Kansas musician Aaron Martin to start off the evening.

jonallen 14 years, 8 months ago

The three experimental films that we will screen have changed. We will now be screening "Rubber Cement" by Robert Breer, "Easy Out" by Pat O'Neill, and "In Between" by Stan Brakhage". Sorry for any confusion.

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