jul 6

Tres Chicas

Caitlin Cary, Lynn Blakey and Tonya Lamm

Gaslight Gardens

The chance union of Caitlin Cary (Whiskeytown), Tonya Lamm (Hazeldine) and Lynn Blakey (Let's Active) as Tres Chicas resulted in a 2004 album, "Sweetwater," widely hailed as one of that year's strongest debuts. It was only supposed to be a side project for the three artists, but it took root in the hearts of many. Now Tres Chicas has released "Bloom, Red & the Ordinary Girl," which expands the North Carolina trio's already formidable Americana horizons in a sound that's resonant with humanity, wisdom, heart and irresistible charm. And it's safe to say Tres Chicas is no longer just a side project.


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