School Night

with OK Jones / The Volunteers

Louise's Downtown

Many a music fan will rejoice the coming of this new weekly event, both because of the quality of local music, and (more importantly) because of its uncommon start time - 7 p.m., unheard of in these parts. Even those of you with day jobs and typical sleep requirements will be able to attend! Fascinating!!7 pm Volunteers 8 pm OK JonesThe Volunteers are a multifacted four-piece that veer between the folky rock vibe of "Highway 61"-era Dylan and more modern indie pop structures. The band feaures two harmonizing vocalists in the form of guitarist Tyler Jack Anderson and keyboardist Andrew Kissel. They recently tracked a song for the Children International adopt-a-child foundation and are working on a debut full-length. Somewhere on the spectrum near indie pop, alt-country, psychedelia and straight-up rock, OK Jones is plugging along, crafting hummable, exquisite tunes wrapped in ornate instrumental shells. OKJ (whose lead singer Richard Gintowt writes for recently released a dapper sophomore album titled "Push/Pull" and picked up a keyboard player, lending more spectral textures to album tracks and a slew of new material. Like his former band Ghosty, Gintowt can be safely relied upon (for better or worse) to never repeat a set, in songs or in vibe. This show promises to be - thanks to our insider status, we know this to be true - full of brand new material that tends more towards energetic rock than country or Americana, as will be on his imminent third album (which is nearly completed).- For those who like their local music early. - The second and last Wednesdays of the month.- Louise's downtown; upstairs classroom.- $2 before 7 pm; $3 after 7 pm.- Wear comfortable clothing and dancing shoes.- Start times are not approximate."Getus upus, nobis"

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Kookamooka 15 years, 5 months ago

A smoking ban and earlier start times! That is SUPER rockin!

gravybit 15 years, 5 months ago

I imagine everyone who holds a job does it 'at the expense' of their first love. I don't find it any more altruistic because it's at instead of say, Burrito King. The comment was more of a good natured jab than an attempt to talk shit on Richard's musical or writing abilities. He might be the love child of Lester Bangs and Gram Parsons, but if the paper he writes for also lists his band's shows as their critic's choice, they are bound to catch some shit for it. My memory isn't the best, but I remember reading a review of their most recent album here, best bets for Okay Jones at the Hurricane on a Wed night some months ago and a best bet for Richard and Jeff doing a set at Louise's or Harbor Lights awhile back. I also noticed their upcoming show at the Replay June 29 is a best bet. They may well deserve every bit of press they manage. Nothing personal, just perspective from the outside looking in. It sometimes looks like a happy little circle jerk.

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