Conner (free show)

CD release show with AM Syndicate / Cavaliers / Black Christmas


If you're even remotely interested in the local music scene you know that Conner is one of Lawrence's most consistently entertaining bands. Equal parts Iggy Pop, The Clash and the Velvet Underground, the bands' songs have the distinct ability to wedge themselves in your brain like a needle in Keith Richards' forearm. Live, the band is a raucous riffage-machine driven by the nimble fingers of lead guitarist Tom Wagner and the sounds-before-words vocals of James Duft. The band will celebrate the national release of its retooled album "Hello Graphic Missile" with this free show that also features local bands Cavaliers and Black Christmas as well as Texas buddies AM Syndicate.Free for 21+ and $2 for 21 and under.

You might have heard

Song Artist
By Way of Decay Black Christmas Add to playlist
Sallie the Man-Hater Black Christmas Add to playlist
Underwater Black Christmas Add to playlist
K-10 Cavaliers Add to playlist
O River Cavaliers Add to playlist
Cold Feelings Conner Add to playlist
Easy Conner Add to playlist
Enough for You and Me Conner Add to playlist
Have you ever been asleep Conner Add to playlist
Independent Women Conner Add to playlist
She Tells No Lies Conner Add to playlist
She Won't Take That Well Conner Add to playlist
Start It Up Right Conner Add to playlist
Tuesday Conner Add to playlist
Tuesday (2002 demo) Conner Add to playlist


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