The Wiyos' Hillbilly Vaudeville

Gaslight Gardens

The Wiyos play a singular style of old-timey American music that they call "vaudevillian ragtime-jugband-blues and hillbilly swing." An acoustic trio comprised of three vocals, washboard, harmonica, kazoo, resonator guitar, and upright bass, The Wiyos transport listeners back to a time before TV and mass media were the main sources of entertainment; to the days when acoustic, handmade music could be heard on live radio and at community dances, medicine shows and house parties. Incorporating elements of physical comedy and theatricality, The Wiyos create a visually stimulating show in the spirit of Fats Waller, The Skillet Lickers, Spike Jones and the Hoosier Hotshots.Based in New York City, The Wiyos have spent the last four years touring relentlessly, and as a result have become one of the most recognized and acclaimed old-timey acoustic bands on the east coast. They have been featured at many venerable festivals and listenng rooms including The Newport Folk Festival (2004-05), The Piccolo Spoleto Festival, The Annual Amercan Music Festival, The Lincoln Center Out-Of-Doors Festival (2006) and The Carnegie Hall Neighborhood Concert Series (2003-06). They have also toured throughout Canada, The UK, The Netherlands and France.The Wiyos will be touring in support of their second record, "Hat Trick", which was inspired by the old-time stringbands, blues singers, jugbands and hot jazz ensembles of the 1920's & 30's, as well as the actual process and method of recording that was prevalent in the early period of documented American music. The songs on "Hat Trick" were recorded live with no overdubs to analogue two-track in just two days (with one extra day of mastering). All dynamics were created by adjusting individual positions in relation to the two microphones; no digital editing or mixing occured during post-production.


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