Comedy Showcase

Gaslight Gardens

SUBMITTED PRESS RELEASE REGARDING COMEDIANS SCHEDULED TO PERFORM:Jason VanCiseAn energetic comic, he is a college crowd favorite because he spent 4 years there himself. He knows what the college crowd likes, and talks a lot about drinking, college, girls, and his family. You never know what he will say next because he doesn't even know most of the time, loves to be spontaneous and creative on stage. He still has yet to find someone who has a drinking story that tops his "And why is there Ketchup all over my house?" Shawn BrennenOnce Shawn takes the stage prepare to be laughing the whole night, great delivery with great material makes for great comedy. Shawn can make any crowd laugh with his crazy mom and himself as the basis for much of his material. Whether he is telling about how his dad explained a woman's period to him via the "Shinning" or his epic tale about smashing mailboxes drunk, you are sure to have a great time.Tony VinTony is the token Asian and by that I really just mean he is good at math. But he is also has the calculations to great comedy (like that play on words bitches), he takes topics that seem obscure and makes them hilarious jokes. Very talented and funny, you will want to come see his Gay Disco : I mean fort.Nancy BunnellNancy is ancient I mean she was upset when the dinosaurs went extinct, you know what I mean. But just because she is a little over the hill doesn't mean she isn't funny, she just has more experience with life, divorce, dating, and pretty much anything else that has happened since 1912. She has a slow delivery and will tell the jokes when she is damn well ready, and you had better be ready to laugh, she is one funny broad.Eric JorgensenEric Jorgensen got his start in comedy writing a sex and relationship humor column for the University of Kansas school newspaper. Because of his wild, funny personality, and school spirit, Coca-Cola made a mini-documentary/commercial about Jorgensen and his friends that ran on CBS nationally for five months. Through his fresh, unique jokes, Jorgensen is making his presence known in the comedy world.Other possible comicsJesse TurneyMike BaldwinMichael Gomez


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