at Second Saturdays

Eighth Street Tap Room

Half sunken in a booth, a young lady mutters, "Help...I can't feel my spine is burning and my arms are freezing." The Icey-Hot is working its magic. The medicine is having its way with her. At this stage, there is no use in fighting it. One must learn to welcome the sensation deep into their being. A bipolar threshold is being reached, but in simultaneous collapse. This is an experience that could take years to digest. The Icey-Hott Orgy is as much about what it is as it is about what it is not. I could explain more, but why not just come and find out for yourself?(Dress: cool and/or warm tones)


Priest Fontaine 14 years, 3 months ago

Free designer S.A.R.S. masks provided to the first 100 patrons - compliments of HETEROHILFIGER.

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