KRS-One, a lecture and concert

with Joe Good / Table Manners


Following the recent shooting outside a rap show at the Granada, the relationship between hip-hop/rap and violence has been a water-cooler topic. Pioneering hip-hop artist KRS-One will no doubt provide rare insight into the topic with this free lecture, followed by a ticket concert.KRS-One's life is the stuff of hip-hop legend. Before his ascent from street kid to rap revolutionary to acclaimed lecturer/intellectual, KRS-One was a homeless teenager. With Boogie Down Productions, he played a crucial role in bringing a social and political conscience to hip-hop. As a solo artist, he has continued to expand the genre's thematic and musical boundaries, rapping on albums from artists as diverse as R.E.M. and Shabba Ranks and lecturing regularly at college campuses nationwide. His latest release is "Keep Right," a 23-song epic released independently to the b-boy and b-girl masses. Lecture at 6-8p.m. (free, all ages)Show doors 9p.m., ($13 pre-sale, $14 day of, all ages)

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