School Night

"Supermarket Sweep" featuring Bomstad / Danny Pound Band

Louise's Downtown

Many a music fan will rejoice the coming of this new weekly event, both because of the quality of local music, and (more importantly) because of its uncommon start time - 7 p.m., unheard of in these parts. Even those of you with day jobs and typical sleep requirements will be able to attend! Fascinating!!This inaugural week to feature something of a duel between two musicians and Merc employees - 7 pm Bomstad8 pm Danny Pound Band- For those who like their local music early. - The second and last Wednesdays of the month.- Louise's downtown; upstairs classroom.- $2 before 7 pm; $3 after 7 pm.- Wear comfortable clothing and dancing shoes.- Start times are not approximate."Getus upus, nobis"

You might have heard

Song Artist
Atomic Makes It No Matter What Bomstad Add to playlist
Calvary Cross Bomstad Add to playlist
Chola Bomstad Add to playlist
Did It Bomstad Add to playlist
Dutch for Two Bomstad Add to playlist
Graffiti Bomstad Add to playlist
Molasses Flood Bomstad Add to playlist
Molasses Flood Bomstad Add to playlist
Shoes Bomstad Add to playlist
Xtoll Bomstad Add to playlist
Fresh Idiots Danny Pound Band Add to playlist
Hear My Noise Danny Pound Band Add to playlist
Renaissance Man Danny Pound Band Add to playlist
The Sorriest Sorrow of Them All Danny Pound Band Add to playlist
When Your Hand Reached for Mine Danny Pound Band Add to playlist


tomking 16 years, 1 month ago


About a year ago, after a quarrel in backstock, Danny Pound vowed to someday kick Bomstad's ass.

The time has come! shitsgonnagocrazy SCHOOL NIGHT WED10MAY2006



Aufbrezeln Eschaton 16 years ago

Oh, this is the freaking shit. It's about damn time.

I might have to actually set foot inside Louise's now.

David Ryan 16 years ago

Kudos to Tom le Roi for getting this big ball rolling. I'm psyched.

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