nov 7

Copeland / Appleseed Cast

with Acute / Owen


Frequent tour partners Copeland and The Appleseed Cast co-headline this powerhouse four-band tour. Often name-dropped in emo circles, the two bands exhibit a far wider breadth of influences than one genre moniker can accurately convey. Atlanta's Copeland fits comfortably alongside intelligent pop bands like Nada Surf and The Posies, while Lawrence's The Appleseed Cast have drawn comparisons to Radiohead with their forays into epic experimentation.Copeland unveils "Eat, Sleep, Repeat" on Oct. 31 via The Militia Group label.

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nathanj 14 years, 3 months ago

I second joeynotjoe. Why not mention Mike? He's going to be amazing tonite. His new cd comes out today as well.

He will be the highlight of the show.

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