oct 6

LAST SHOW: Doris Henson

with The Republic Tigers

Record Bar

White Whale was originally on this bill, but has evidentally been removed (updated 10/4).From the band: as always seems to happen (sooner or later), Doris Henson is splitting up and playing one last show, this Friday, Oct. 6th, at Record Bar in KC, MO. We will be playing with The Republic Tigers - a great band, so make sure to get there early.We have almost finished a new album which will hopefully still get finished and released - its sounding really good so far.People have been wanting details and the only thing that can be said is personal(ity) differences have grown too large to be ignored, and therefore, it is time to call it quits.Just to cover my ass for the future: there is a miniscule chance this won't be the last show. Although if its not, the next one won't be for a long time.Also, after my myspace post regarding our last show, we have had many requests for pre-show tickets, especially from people driving in from out of town. There aren't any and all I can say is get to the Record Bar between 9 and 10pm and there shouldn't be a problem. This whole thing sucks, but I really hope Friday will be a fun time and we can all get down for one last time.I will try to keep everyone posted as to the progress of the new cd and where it can be purchased. As well as the state of the band and its members post mortem.Thank you, everyone, for your interest, support, and good times. We all hope we made you dance a little more than usual.best,wesDH

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