oct 6

"Leaves of Words"

Lawrence Arts Center

An original play by Lawrence playwright and KU student Tim Macy, directed by KU professor Paul Lim, and produced by KU's English Alternative Theatre. The story is based on the mysterious disappearance of Lawrence-area teen Randy Leach, which remains an unsolved case after 18 years. Lawrence actor Jeremy Auman plays the part of Randy's dad Harold, who narrates the play, going through various scenarios that could have happened to his son.Running time is about 80 minutesFrom the organizers: The mysterious disappearance of 17-year-old Randy Leach after he attended a pre-graduation party on April 15, 1988 in Linwood, KS is the subject of "Leaves of Words," a new play by Tim Macy, Kansas University graduate student in English from Topeka.An MFA candidate in playwriting, Macy researched the play for a year, conducting extensive interviews with Harold Leach, the father of the missing teenager who offers various scenarios for what may have happened to his son, and who continues to hope that his son may still be alive, somewhere, somehow.Macy then spent another year writing the play in a special directed studies project with KU playwriting professor Paul Stephen Lim, who is now also directing the world premiere of the play for English Alternative Theatre, a group Lim founded in 1989 primarily to nurture and produce the work of KU playwrights.Featured in the production are KU students Garrett Michael Kelly as Randy Leach; Colin Elliott, Whitney Rowland, Dylan Walker and Mackenzie Wiglesworth as members of the Class of '88; Robert Steele in a variety of roles as the investigating policeman, a mystic psychic and a garage mechanic. Appearing in the role of Randy's father is guest artist Jeremy Auman, longtime Lawrence resident well-known for his participation in many EAT shows, and also for producing the yearly Victor Continental comedy sketches.The production team includes Lee Saylor (set and lighting design), Kaye Miller (costume and make-up), Jerel Hilding (choreography), Nick Mosher (sound design), and Megan Smith (stage manager). "Leaves of Words" is a participating entry in the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, and is eligible for the Michael Kanin National Student Playwriting Award and the David Mark Cohen Playwriting Award.Performances are 8 PM Oct. 6-7 and 2:30 PM at the Lawrence Arts Center. 940 New Hampshire. $6 students, $8 seniors, $10 general public. Tickets at the box-office or call 843-2787.


Kelly Powell 13 years, 12 months ago

They better not use any real names in this play......i will personally stop the play while they are on stage if my name is used......Myself and four other people have been harrassed by the leach family for years now....harrassed for no good reason other then they have no idea what happened to randy and are looking for a scapegoat....I also find it in extremely poor taste to have a play about an event that has not been solved yet by the police......this will do nothing but muddy the waters even more.

Kelly Powell 13 years, 12 months ago

So after the "exstensive' interview with harold leach, I wonder if he told them about him and terry martin going to peoples houses and martin claiming to be either a reporter for unsolved mysterys, a cop, and a reporter for the kc star......martin who seduced the sheriff of leavenworth county's wife(who was a detective) accquired illegally the investigation reports of the case....tried to sell them to the press....then took off with the woman when they couldnt make any cash off of this(they said they were running from the satanist....makes a good story,no?) I also wonder if he told reporters that he gave my address to his methed out cousin, who proceeded to come to my house and held me at gunpoint?

yammytam 13 years, 11 months ago

Some of the stuff in the play happened some did not I know I was harrased by detectives and they harrassed alot of the wrong people and should have been focusing on different people but they wouldnt listen and now so many years have passed its a shame

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