oct 7

Alex Sweeton / Sarah Blacker

Gaslight Gardens

The voice of NYC's Alex Sweeton voice rides lush, cheery singer-songwriter pop, pulling up a chair at the listener's ear a la Shawn Colvin, Alanis Morrisette and latter day Liz Phair. The lyrics she lays down, though, are closer to earlier Phair or Ani Difranco - vulnerable, but hardly ashamed, broken-hearted but not broken. Assuming she's not going to try to pack the 4-piece band it would take to recreate her albums in the Gaslight, it will be interesting hear her voice and guitar without the pop, and sometimes adult-contemporaryish adornment.The sound of Lawrence's own sweet-voiced singer-songwriter is of a similar ilk - or, in Sarah's own words: "A psychedelic, funky, spiced blend of sweet sauce, and blackened-honey-mustard, on top of an oatmeal cream-pie."

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