oct 7

Opening reception for "Lilbits: Plush to Make You Blush" by Taylor Triano

with The Spook Lights

Olive Gallery and Art Supply

This October, Taylor Triano's plush figures will be on display in the Olive Gallery. Taylor, though originally from Kansas City, currently resides in Lawrence where she is attending the University of Kansas to study textile design. Taylor's dolls are light-hearted caricatures of everyday people and pop culture icons. By infusing the dolls with intricate stitching, Taylor's art strikes a compelling balance between three dimensional forms and two dimensional surface details. Meet Taylor at the opening reception on Saturday, October 7th, from 6-10p.m. The show will be on display through October 31st. The Olive Gallery is open daily from 12noon-6p.m. Artist statementFrom the idea to the finished product, I watch my dolls almost literally come to life. I work with a variety of fabrics including cotton and silks, which I hand-dye, freehand machine embroider and accessorize appropriately. With every stitch and detail the doll's personalities are more defined. My subject matter ranges from imaginary characters and observed strangers to my friends and family. My work strives for irony and to offend the masses. These plush figures are meant to be viewed as art, but also held and cuddled, as that is the inherent nature of dolls. Please don't touch: Artist BiographyI am a textile artist who will be receiving my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Textile Design in December 2006 from the University of Kansas. I found my niche in textiles by creating unique and original dolls and have passionately continued to make these dolls for two years.I was born and raised in Kansas City where at a young age I was exposed to the art community, which encouraged me to pursue my love of art and creating. For six years I have been active in the art district of downtown Kansas City, Missouri. I began modeling for large scale fashion shows produced by local clothing boutiques. I also model for Birdies, a popular KC panty store featuring hand made undergarments and "art" underwear. I began designing clothes and exhibiting on the runway for such shows as 18th St. Fashion Show (summer 2002), Detour: A Fashion Show (winter 2003), and Daydream: A Fashion Performance (fall 2003), for which my work was featured on the cover of Lawrence.com. In addition, I am a regular burlesque performer for the Burly-Q Girly Crew under the stage name, Gilda Lily. Burly-Q Girly Crew recently attended the South by Southwest music festival in March (Austin, TX) where we performed with such well known artists as Peaches, Andre Williams and The Flaming Lips. We continue to perform locally as well as distant cities. I also play tambourine and sing backup with the Lawrence band The Spread Eagles.

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