Opening: Aaron Marable PAINTINGS

Lawrence Arts Center

This exhibit is on display through Nov. 30.Marable's prolific work is largely comprised of LARGE oil paintings, both large in canvas dimension and large like a bonfire stoked ever higher by a pyro among pyros. The intensity of his work ethic is evident in not only the quantity of his output, but also within each work - his paintings are riddled with inescapable evidence of his persistent drive to take every step to another level. His canvases are wild with vibrancy, subject matter tending toward the grotesque, with increasingly more abstract elements and raw - though calculated - experiments in color ... somewhat reminiscent of Gaugin or Bonnard. Though always quite distinct from even his most contemporaneous work, an Aaron Marable piece is rarely mistakable for another's. This opening marks the artist's first in nearly a year and is so a rare glimpse into his vision as it is circa 2006. Though he hasn't pursued marketing his work extensively around the country, Marable is no doubt not long for want of a larger following far beyond Lawrence. For this reason alone - if not for an already mature appreciation of his work - this show is not to be missed.Adjacent gallery: Bill Snead: The First 50 Years. A retrospective of work by Lawrence veteran photographer Bill Snead, whose career includes being a UPI photographer in Vietnam, photo editor at National Geographic, and being named "White House Photographer of the Year" while at the Washington Post.


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