sep 8

Grain & Demise / Celia / Firedog

Gaslight Gardens

Post Brewgrass show at the Gaslight Tavern featuring members of Split Lip Rayfield, Hellcat Trio, Floyd the Barber & The Hearers. With Celia's Big Rock Band & Firedog. FREE ENTRY W/ BREWGRASS WRISTBAND 5 dollar cover after 12am


Emily Hadley 15 years, 3 months ago

In addition to Celia, the elusive singer who used to grace the Brown Bear Brewery every week, Grain and Demise is a side project of

Kirk Rundstrom and Eric Mardis, both of Split Lip Rayfield.

The fact that there isn't much info on G & D here is evidence of what a rare treat this will be.

This is a really great show in a teeny tiny venue -- as the weather is beeautiful, I am thinking the outdoor drinkin garden will be in full swing tonight.

This one got my bet for a best bet tonight even before I found out that I can get in for free after seeing War at Burcham Park. If only there were a ferry!!

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