School Night with Tanner Walle / The Roseline


If you ain't been done learned yet, peep this happening of happenings ... both quality of local music and (more importantly) because of its uncommon start time - 7 p.m., otherwise unheard of in these parts. Even those of you with early classes, day jobs and typical sleep requirements will be able to attend! Fascinating!!7 pm Tanner Walle8 pm The Roseline- For those who like their local music early.- The second and last Wednesdays of the month.- Wear comfortable clothing and dancing shoes.- Start times are not approximate.- 3 bucksJazzy pop crooner Tanner Walle sports some genuinely hummable hooks and a top-notch band that includes talented area musicians like guitarist Mike Cibura and drummer Dash Williamson. Walle has been working on a follow up to his well-recieved debut "It Was" at Mixtape Meditation studios.Lawrence's The Roseline capture the sublime wistfulness of Ryan Adams and/or Josh Ritter under the direction of out-of the-bedroom tunesmith Colin Pepper Halliburton (we couldn't make up a name like that if we tried). The band recently released an accomplished debut full-length titled "A Wall Behind It" and picked up drummer John Momberg and pedal steel slayer Jeff Jackson.

You might have heard

Song Artist
Busy House Roseline Add to playlist
Copper Cylinders Roseline Add to playlist
Laundromat Roseline Add to playlist
Lions Roseline Add to playlist
Lust for Luster Roseline Add to playlist
Purple Balloon Roseline Add to playlist
Shakin' Shorts Roseline Add to playlist
But Then Tanner Walle Add to playlist
Faultline Tanner Walle Add to playlist
It Was Tanner Walle Add to playlist
Never and a Day Tanner Walle Add to playlist
Pleasing the Queen Tanner Walle Add to playlist
Same As Tomorrow Tanner Walle Add to playlist
Tumbleweed Tanner Walle Add to playlist


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