with Converge / The Bronx


Hailed as the second coming of the Metallica revolution by metal aficionados like Mean Dean Edington (manager of local shredders The Esoteric), Mastodon are poised for a major breakthrough with the jump from Relapse Records to Warner Brothers for their latest record "Blood Mountain." Megadeth-inspired twin guitar leads and assault-rifle drumming characterize the band's insanely accomplished musicianship, situated in the same netherworlds as grindcore legends like Today Is the Day (two of whom joined Mastodon), Coalesce and Burnt by the Sun.


Emily Hadley 14 years, 5 months ago

As in, Mastodon spelled it RIGHT.

And even disregarding the spelling mistake, does it seems counterintuitive for a Christian band to name themselves after a pre-historic elephant?

Enough of that, there's a kickass effing rock show starting right now...

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