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Fans of jangle-pop gurus such as The Posies and Sloan should be suitably enamored with The Alice Rose, a quintet from Austin, TX, that dishes out sharp classic pop a la Squeeze. The unsigned group released a well-received LP dubbed "Phonographic Memory" in 2006 and showcased at the SXSW music festival. The Kinetiks are a ten-ton barrel of fun minus the country music connotations. Frontwoman Spencer Goertz-Giffen pulls off the astounding act of simultaneously dancing, singing and ripping off sizzling guitar leads. She's backed by a funked-up rhythm section that recalls all the '80s bands that didn't suck. The band recently began distributing a debut four-song EP.Lawrence's Kaw Valley Project has more fake origin stories than that guy from "Catch Me If You Can." Depending on the source, the band is comprised of "five nursing home attendants found themselves spongebathing to the hypnotic, Latin rhythms of 'Gettin Jiggy With It.' Then there's the tale of five ivy leaguers who originally started an oil company, only to turn to a career that was less unpredictable: music. There's also the explanation about a group of skiers who were stranded in a snowbound cabin until the spring thaw. "The five strangers disassembled the cabin and built a toboggan out of the wood. They rode down into safety where one of them remarked, 'We gotta write some songs about this.'" It's anybody's guess what the real story behind Kaw Valley Project is - although the band does consistently list influences such as Neutral Milk Hotel, Wilco and Belle and Sebastian.

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