Lucero / Catfish Haven

with The American Princes


If by "country" you mean Whiskeytown, Uncle Tupelo or Social Distortion, then you might get along well with Lucero. The band goes for the gut and clamps down hard with a simple, heartfelt approach to songwriting and a lead singer that sounds like he swallowed a bucket full of gravel. The group's latest "On Rebels, Rogues & Sworn Brothers" tells more vivid stories peppered with references to slice-of-life and small town Americana culture.Opener Catfish Haven takes their name from the rural Missouri trailer park where singer/guitarist George Hunter spent his early childhood. The Chicago-based band recently signed to Secretly Canadian records and released "Please Come Back," a seven-song EP highlighting deft cosmopolitan pop with simple, hummable charms al la The Strokes.


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