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Yeah Yeah Yeahs / Ssion / Beautiful Bodies


Once doomed to be a flavor-of-the-month, Yeah Yeah Yeahs has proven to be a band with staying power. The New York art-punk trio's most recent album "Show Your Bones" and follow-up EP "Is Is" demonstrated a depth missing from the band's erratic early work, which balanced post-punk rave-ups with shrilly noise experimentation. Lead singer Karen O is an iconic stage presence, known for her rag-doll fashions and boozy posturing. Guitarist Nick Zinner is a wiz with thick riffs and effect pedals, obscuring the group's lack of a bass player.


kuartist 13 years, 7 months ago

9-Aug-2005: Lawrence, KS, USA
Liberty Hall with Marc Cohn - CANCELED

Almost two years ago I won tickets to the concert listed above from It was so cool; I had never won a contest in my life. Then, the unthinkable happened. Someone shot Marc Cohn and the show was canceled. They promised that I'd get free tickets to another show - but they never came. Never!

Please make my summer and give me Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs tickets. They are 1000 times more exciting and it will make the two year wait worthwhile - not to mention giving me one great story to tell my pals.

Thanks. -Maureen

scary_manilow 13 years, 7 months ago

If you can't get a free ticket, you can always roll half a block down and watch free locally made movies at the Jackpot... The crowd will be smarter and much friendlier, to say the least!

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