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Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk / Darling At Sea

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You never know quite what to expect when Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk take the stage. With members rotating in and out like a 10-deep KU basketball squad, the songs and style can vary tremendously from show to show. Sometimes they sing; sometimes they don't. Sometimes they rehearse; sometimes they don't. One constant, however, is a predilection for floating ethereal jams along the lines of Animal Collective or Mogwai. Opener Darling at Sea reigns in the pop ropes a bit tighter with melancholy slices recalling Red House Painters and/or Low.

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GbGb 15 years ago

animal collective RIP OFF maybe one of those baby birds will don a geologist headband + light listen to the real thing not the cover band

GbGb 15 years ago

first time seeing this lineup meh. too cutesy and too emo. STAMP OF DISAPPROVAL 0.0

proclubitras 15 years ago

Oh you kids and your indie rock jam bands. It's like art rock, but minus the art.

GbGb 15 years ago

7:30-10:30 TONIGHT at 1924 Main Restaurant and Bar----->kc, mo

amscoking 15 years ago

shut up gaurav. you have no idea what you are talking about.

chomp womp!

GbGb 15 years ago

this band blows without their real drummer

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