aug 6

The Willowz

with Pink Socks / Another Holiday

Jackpot Music Hall

Garage rock, blues rock, classic rock and country-folk all figure prominently into The Willowz' bag of time-tested tricks. The California group hits all of these cylinders on its third LP "Chautauqua" (Dim Mak), injecting sassy 'Stones riffs and just enough cockiness to let you know that they mean it. Openers Pink Socks are one of the better rock ensembles KC side, sporting former members of The Litigators and tidy white uniforms with pretty Pink Socks logos.Lawrence's Another Holiday was added to the bill last-minute style.

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Song Artist
The Longer You Last Another Holiday Add to playlist


chaungoloid 14 years, 10 months ago

another holiday is now opening this show also!!!!!!!!

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